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How to use hemp seed oil

Hemp oil is no doubt the latest hot topic on the lips of foodies looking to find a nutritional edge. Hemp has been used for food, fibre and medicine for thousands of years. Due to prohibition laws dating back to the 1930’s this magnificent plant, with it’s multitude of benefits, has been unavailable for our consumption. Recent changes to Australian hemp food laws, has brought this amazing product back on our radar.
Many of us still having little understanding of how this nutrient dense superfood works, how we should use it, and how it can help us. We gathered three basic ideas to explain just how easy it is to gain the benefits from one of the planets oldest, and sustainable crops.


1. Straight up supplement

Hemp Oil Supplement

Hemp oil has a great ratio of omega fatty acids, in fact a 4:1 perfect ratio according to the world health organisation. One to two tablespoons morning and night will assist in improving joint and muscle pain, heart and brain health, and decreasing inflammation. Hemp oil is phytate free, meaning that it’s broad range of vitamins and minerals, and they are 100% bio-available (easily absorbed). It is also high in cancer fighting chlorophyll, and antioxidants to support the immune system.


 2. Skincare

Hemp Seed Oil

The omega 6 GLA (gamma linolenic acid) is a powerful anti inflammatory that works wonders for skin conditions. Hemp oil is a very similar consistency to our very own blood lipids, meaning it is quickly and effectively absorbed into the lowers layers of the skin. Conditions such as Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis see great benefits from the easily absorbed hemp oil. Hemp oil is also a great natural alternative for anti-aging skin treatments, sun damaged skin, and wrinkles.


3. Meals, dips and dressings

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil has a low smoking point, just like olive oil. It is not recommended to cook with it at high temperatures, as it will destroy the goods fats available rendering it useless. Hemp Oil can be stirred through as a finisher in a hot meal adding a little extra nutrient boost and a bold, nutty, and delicious flavour kick. Dips like hummus, and other cold marinades are an easy way to incorporate this amazing natural oil into your health food routine.

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