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How to use hemp seed oil for skin care


What are the benefits of hemp seed oil for skin care?

When it comes to making the decision of trying a new skin care treatment, it is hard taking the leap to try something new. Knowing whether the risk will pay off, and if the product is going to help your skin or make it worse. One of the benefits of hemp seed oil in skin care treatments, is that it has no known side effects, it is a 100% natural acne and eczema treatment that is steroid free. So as far as new skin care products go, this is a low risk high reward product to try.

Hemp seed oil contains a perfect ratio Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are vital for skin health. They help repair skin cells and protect skin cell membranes from damage.

Topical treatment

One particular fatty acid that is found in hemp called GLA (gamma linolenic acid), has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which when applied topically, reduce the redness, soreness, and severity caused by the symptoms of these skin conditions. The bonus of antioxidants, Vitamin A, E, and D found in hemp seed oil, also assist in the repair and rejuvenation of the skin cells. This helps the skin absorb calcium for soft, smooth, and natural looking skin.

Hemp seed oil as a supplement

When taken or ingested, hemp seed oil takes on a different role in reducing inflammatory skin conditions. The essential fatty acids begin reducing the inflammation of the digestive system, strengthen the immune system, and even contributes in reducing yeast and bacterial overgrowth. It also contains trace amounts of important minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. Ingesting it improves cardiovascular health and blood flow to the skin.

Hemp seed oil for acne treatment.

Acne is largely attributed to the excess production of “Sebum”, an oily substance that travels along the surface of the skin of mammals to lubricate and protect the skin. Hormonal imbalances and diet can cause the over production of Sebum which results in an excess of dead skin cells, and bacteria that clog the pores and hair follicles. This creates an inflammatory response within the pores and follicles which results in Acne.

When supplemented or ingested the Omega 6 GLA helps to restore balance to the hormones, resulting in the ‘reset’ of sebum production to normal levels, and reduces the overproduction sebum which can result in acne.

Hemp seed oil skin care methods.

Natural make up removal
  • Using clean hands rub one teaspoon of hemp seed oil into your face covering the entire face where make up needs removing.
  • Soak a hand towel in hot water, wring it out, and then place over your face for one minute.
  • Unlike harsh mineral based make up wipes, you may need to repeat this process one more time. Hemp seed oil will leave your skin feeling moist, soft, hydrated, and begin to treat whatever acne might occur from usual make up wearing, or removal methods.

See the skin care recipes attach below in our Blog for more skin care ideas that assist eczema, dray skin, and acne.

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