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Side effects of hemp oil with medication, is it safe?

Hemp Foods and Medication, are they safe?

Since hemp foods have become legal to consume is Australia, a title wave of questions about hemp products are arising. The lack of understanding about what hemp is, and why it has been classed as an illegal substance for many years, brings forward a whole lot of questioning from weary potential consumers, that are keen to improve their health but want to make sure the products are 100% safe, and wont have any side effects or reduce the effectiveness of any other daily medications that they may be taking.

Why were hemp foods illegal to begin with?

Hemp is a strain of cannabis sativa, a genus of flowering plant that is grown all around the globe. Hemp has a closely related brother called Marijuana, which is also a strain of cannabis sativa. The major difference between the two plants (other than appearance), comes down to one main compound called THC!(tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive compound found in the Marijuana flower or “bud”.

Hemp plants do contain trace amounts of THC – Less than 1%, opposed to marijuanas 15-25%. Hemp was bundled into the group of illegal plants when a prohibition order took place in the early 1900’s.

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Is there THC in Hemp Foods?

Yes, but the allowable level of THC is untraceable in drug test, and will not have any mind-altering effects on consumers. Yes, even if you ate a garbage truck full of hemp, it would in no way affect you.

Can you consume hemp foods while taking medication?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions at, and probably the main concern for most potential consumers. This is a two part question, as some of these consumers are referring to a high CBD based therapeutic hemp oil, others are aware that hemp foods are not therapeutic, and are used as a nutritional supplement.

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In general, due to little known knowledge of hemp foods, most potential consumers are concerned about the side effects of hemp foods interacting with them, or with their medications.

How do hemp foods interact with medications?

Firstly, as we are not general health care practitioners, we cannot comment on exactly how your medications will react with a highly nutritious food source like hemp, and we cannot claim that hemp foods can cure any illness.

What we do know is this, hemp foods are like any other superfoods. Packed with nutrients, are 100% natural, and when incorporated with a healthy balanced diet should vastly improve your general well-being. Superfoods in general should bare no effect on the effectiveness of your medications.

Blood thinners.

The one exception with hemp foods that should be considered is blood thinners. Hemp is a natural anti-coagulant, it is advised you speak with your health care professional on the possible implications of consuming hemp with a medicated blood thinner, to make sure that you are not at risk of un-controlled bleeding in-case of cut or internal injury.

Side effects of hemp foods.

Hemp foods are a really rich source of polyunsaturated fats, when polyunsaturated fats are over-consumed, they can cause intestinal upset. Stick to the recommended serving suggestions, and you should have no issue at all with these highly beneficial excess fats. Hemp Foods are also really high in fibre, and just like the polyunsaturated fats, if high fibre foods are consumed in excess, they can cause intestinal upset. Sometimes diarrhoea, or constipation can be the result of excess fibre. Once again, sticking to the recommended daily servings will keep you out of trouble.


Hemp foods are hypoallergenic, meaning they will not usually trigger an allergic reaction. Hemp foods are also compatible with a low histamine diet. Besides the low risk nature of hemp foods, an allergic reaction to any food is possible, every person is different, and if you find that hemp foods are reacting with you in anyway, stop consuming them and seek medical advice.


Hemp Foods are 100% safe and natural superfood source. If you want to improve health and well-being, there are not too many bio-available superfoods that pack the nutrient punch that hemp foods do. These magnificent products should not be feared or overlooked when considering a safe and healthy option to incorporate into your health care routine. With the advice from your health care professional, hemp foods should prove a beneficial option when considering a safe and natural superfood product to interact with your everyday medications.

Who knows, one day they might give you the strength and health to quit big pharma for good!

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