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The Top 7 Uses of Hemp Seed Oil – The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

With so many people asking what the benefits of hemp seed oil and other hemp products are, we put a collection together with the top 7 uses for this magical super food.
1. Hemp Seed Oil is linked to Cancer Prevention & Heart Disease – 
Several studies have linked to hemp seed oil to be able to prevent a wide range of heart diseases. The organic compounds found in plants, specifically hemp, are known to reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of degenerative heart diseases. This same research has suggested that hemp seed could also assist in the prevention of cancer.

2. Hemp Seed Oil for Healthier Skin – 
Hemp seed oil is a natural product with huge benefits which means that it works perfectly for skin, including a natural acne treatment and eczema. The fatty acid portfolio of hemp seed oil is what makes it perfect for skin health and repair. Even consider soothing sunburnt skin with hemp seed oil. 

or incorporating hemp seed oil into your skincare regime, or creating some beautiful DIY and totally natural products yourself like our hemp seed oil body wash or hemp seed oil body butter.

3. Hemp Seed Oil for PMS – balance your hormones
A study that saw women take one gram of essential fatty acids daily (which are the same fatty acids found in Hemp Seed Oil) helped to decrease PMS symptoms like fluid retention, irritability, and depression. It may also assist menopause symptoms.

4. Hemp Seed Oil for Hair:
Hemp seed oil extends its benefits to your hair also. Using Hemp Factory hemp seed oil on the scalp can result in healthier, stronger hair. The oil helps to reduce any inflammation on the scalp and dryness (great for eczema or dandruff). It also helps the circulation of the blood.

5. Hemp seed oil as Varnish for woodwork: 
The benefits of hemp seed oil extend beyond your health to the health of those beloved items around you – your wood items. Use it to varnish your woodwork and give it extra life.

6. Hemp seed Oil supports Weight Loss: Research has shown that the use of hemp oil in your diet can help you to feel fuller for longer. The rich nutrient portfolio of hemp seeds and the fatty acids contribute to this along with decreasing sugar cravings.

7. Nutrition: With so many wonderful benefits as listed above it is only natural to list the benefits of hemp seed oil on nutrition. Its fatty acid profile which helps to strengthen the immune system and balance inflammation levels mean that including this superfood in your diet can only lead to better you.


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