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“Being on the patients side of the coin, in dier need of alternative options, I now see how flawed the access and pricing of these therapies are and they need to change.. fast!”

Tom Dunphy - Founder Director

My Story

Hemp Factory Australia was founded by a passionate advocate in natural health and cannabis therapies. Tom Dunphy started Hemp Factory with a mission to educate on the safety and effectiveness of medical cannabis as treatment for a wide variety of illnesses including pain management. This education started as a hemp food business in 2017 and with a turn of fate, Tom fell ill with Advanced stage Hodgkin's Lymphoma in late 2018. The diagnosis and hard journey with this illness has re-birthed Hemp Factory’s mission to help not only educate patients, but also help them gain access to much needed medical cannabis and CBD oil for pain management and chronic illness. 

About the Founder

Tom has had a foot hold in the Australian Cannabis Industry Since 2016 with Hemp Factory launching as a health, wellness, and cannabis education platform. Selling hemp products online was just the beginning of his journey and now with extensive experience in E-commerce, digital marketing, business development, supply chain management, Cannabis legislation, capital raising, business strategy and many other skill sets, he is utilising his industry knowledge to help grow the legal cannabis market and educate businesses and consumers on the benefits of cannabis as a medicine and a local economic powerhouse.

In 2020, Tom had finally reached remission and has kick started his mission to create easier and cheaper pathways to cannabis therapies in Australia. As well as putting patients first, we want to help educate small business, farmers, manufacturers, and anyone entering the industry get a step ahead. With our vast industry knowledge we offer a wide range of services to help kickstart as many new enterprises into the industry as possible.

Tom can be contacted personally for any personal or business related enquiries.

Email -
Instagram - tom_hempfactary