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Is CBD Oil legal to buy online?

No, even though there has been a drownscheduling of CBD oil and media coverage informing the general public that CBD Oil can be purchased over the counter. CBD Oil remains a prescription only product until registered legal products become available over the counter at pharmacies these may not become available until 2022. CBD Oil can be accessed the same way as medical cannabis by these methods shown below.

Your Doctor and Cannabis Clinics Can apply

Special Access Scheme Class-B

The Special Access Scheme Class B is the first and most common route of accessing medical cannabis. Your Doctor and Cannabis Clinics can apply on your behalf for Medicinal products that are prescribed to you. The TGA (therapeutic goods administration) then has approve your application before you are able to receive your cannabis medicines. The process from start to finish takes about roughly two weeks.

sepcialists and registered practitioners can prescribe

Authorised Prescribers Scheme

The Authorised prescribers scheme is another method to get access to cannabis medicines. AP's (Authorised prescribers) apply to the TGA as an authorised prescriber, if they have a patient that enters the clinic they believe needs cannabis they can directly prescribe products as they already have approval to do so. The process can often be a little faster than the SAS-B. Examples of an AP would be a specialist or practitioner at a pain management clinic.

Clinical trials

Patients can also apply to take part in clinical trials to gain access to cannabis medicines including CBD Oil. Click the button below to see what trials are available in Australia.

What Medical Cannabis products can I be prescribed?

There are many CBD and THC products available to patients. Oils, Tinctures, Capsules, Flower, Sprays and Edibles. For a comprehensive list please visit our friends at Canna Reviews Australia.

What about the CBD products available online?

If you a resourceful there is no doubt that yu have come accross black market CBD Oil products. We dont condone black market use as there is some quality products that can be ordered online but there also plenty that may be un-safe, un-tested and who knows what is in them?? CBD Reviews Australia Facebook group is a great place with an experienced community to see whether legal or black market products are effective and affordable.

How do I know if I am eligible?

In the early days of medical cannabis prescriptions only certain health conditions were approved to receive Cannabis or CBD as a treatment. The last 18 months has seen many more conditions approved and prescribed from Anxiety to Pain management. Cannabis Clinics assist in eligibility criteria, alongside GP's that can offer your clinical diagnosis and notes. In most cases if you inform your GP or clinics that you have tried other methods of relief with no success then you are eligible. Get in touch if you would like a current list of Cannabis Clinics in each state.