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What we do

Lifting the age old stigma thats holds us back!

Hemp Factory is on a mission to help lift the stigma on cannabis that has been a burden on its medical progression for nearly a century. We want work with patients, businesses, doctors and consumers to educate Australians on the environmental and therapeutic benefits of Medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

Medical Cannabis Access

Accessing Medicinal Cannabis in Australia for chronic health conditions is easier than you think. We offer clear and easy directions on how to navigate the medical cannabis prescription process. Visit our CBD Oil page to learn more.

Business and Marketing

Any old agency can create you a business strategy, brand profile, and marketing campaign. The cannabis Industry is new but quickly evolving. Having the right experts and knowledge for a niche product or service is crucial in succeeding. Navigating an industry wrapped in red tape can be challenging, we have a team of highly skilled professionals available to help guide you to growth through marketing and operational expertise.

Hemp Foods and Skincare

With over 6 years experience in product development with hemp foods and skincare, we have gathered a few hemp products that we use and recommend for health and wellness made from 100% Australian farmed hemp ingredients, visit our store to see some of the finest brands Australia has to offer or Get in touch to talk to us about white label development and distribution of your own products.

Licensing and permits

Cultivation, manufacture, processing, and distribution of therapeutic cannabis products requires strict licensing and permits. Meeting the criteria to hold a license or permit is the first step, then applications can be made through the Office of Drug Control.

Cannabis Data

Data analysis and market trends are available in downloadable reports. These reports offer great insight into the legal cannabis market in Australia, from pricing to patient data, research is key to great market positioning.

Safety and purity testing.

With a growing number cannabis products on the market both licensed and black market, we take interest in what we are putting on and in our bodies. If you have a product that needs safety and purity testing. We would love to take a look. Our reviews are discreet, un-biased, and confidential, and independent in partnership with CBD Reviews Australia. Please Contact Us if you have any products you want tested.

More Services

Can't find something you need?

If you have any hemp and cannabis related questions that you can't find here, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.